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Your Official Artist Channel

Become Official Youtube artist

Here is your chance to obtain the Official Artist channel what is recognized by Youtube, Google Artists, Musicians, singers, benefits for Artists, provides costum statistics, advanteges. Ask for your Official Youtube Artist Channel alongside music distribution. (Official Artist Channel | OAC)

Apply for your music with us, Directly edit apple official music channels, maintenance, administration.
Monitor your listen at Spotify and Apple.

Official Artist Channels are designed to , help artists and their teams get the most out of YouTube. Claim your channel today , to gain access to analytics and tools, that will help you engage with millions of fans and better manage your presence on the platform..

Contact: [email protected]

Music Distribution
Official Artist Channel

Official Youtube Artist Channel

Apple Official Artist Channel

Official Spotify Artist Channel

Release in Youtube Music and Premium.

Costum Statistics, advantages

Official artist channels offer::

  • Organized content: The Official Artist Channel layout automatically organizes your discography into an album section and your, Official Music Videos into a new playlist. For a consistent fan experience across YouTube, you can't edit these playlists. You can place one section above your locked video - and album sections , to promote anything you like on your Official Artist Channel..
  • Discoverability in search: When your fans search for you on YouTube, they'll see your watch card with your Official Artist Channel and popular tracks in their search results.
  • Promotional content: Choose what you want , to highlight in the dedicated promotional shelf and in the featured video slot.
  • Fan engagement: One verified and official channel where you can directly reach and interact with your fans on YouTube.

Understand OAC eligibility

To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents one artist or band.
  • Have at least 3 official, releases on YouTube delivered and distributed by a music distribution partner.
  • Have no policy violations on your channel.

Full professional musical advices

Do you want to a stronger YouTube channel?
You would like to increase your Spotify or, Apple Music Audience?
You dont know your video, commercial movie song choice is permitted to use or not?
Ask for professional advice!

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