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BASIC Free edition

Welcome to the Global Marketing Pass agreement document (Along with the additions apply the "Agreement", "Contract") between you and Global Marketing Pass (Templarios Ltd.. together with us, as we" , "with us", “Intermediary Service Provider” and as “GlobalMarketingPass”). This agreement includes the Global Marketing Pass "features" and details.

The subject of the contract

The Principal exclusive signing of this contract, let all or of certain rights to a third party / s to pass right to the Mediation Service Provider, during the term of this contract, music without territorial restrictions made Mediation Service Provider and other creative (writing, and visual) digital content in any known way and the media, - including the Internet, Mobile communications also use- , secure, multiply, and make it available to the public in any way.


The Mediation Service eligible for promotional and marketing purposes and the Principal of the represented authors and performers previously agreed biographical material, personal photos, and audio recordings related to the creative materials made public.


It is undertaken by the Intermediary Service Provider, that 27 makes available in the online shop the music content provided to it by the Client.


The Client provides the Intermediary Service Provider with a one-time online distribution fee of HUF 0, ie HUF zero, and 50% that fifty percent royalty share, pay a commission fee of dissemination activities.


compulsory fees payable to the Mediation Service revenues from sales achieved by it towards the collecting societies, I give, after deduction 50% pay a share to the Principal.


The Intermediary Service Provider has provided a detailed statement of revenues since January, the following 30 (Thirty) within one working day to the Client if the payment threshold has been reached. The Mediation Service of the royalties for the Employer after the request is received 15 (Fifteen) within one day by financial institution transfer to the Principal, if the amount of royalties is a 30.000,- It exceeds HUF, ie thirty thousand forints.

If the royalty balance is a 30.000,- Does not exceed HUF, payment will take place in the next accounting period.

The scope of the contract

The Principal declares knowledge of the document, reading and interpreting will complete and send the form to the Intermediary Service Provider, which mandates the agency to begin Supplier of digital distribution. Upon receipt of the song on online platforms, the agreement between the Intermediary Service Provider and the Client is valid. The contract is valid for the maximum period of copyright protection and or until the parties have the contract, Resolution of the Agreement.



The Contractor warrants, that a third party has no right, or legal interests, which would interfere with the exercise of the rights acquired brokerage services in this contract. The Contractor shall be liable for brokerage services directly, instead of any of the present contract, against a claim for damages claimed by third parties. The Client is obliged to compensate the Intermediary Service Provider immediately for the resulting damage..


If a written objection is received from a third party in connection with the legal guarantee, Service Broker is entitled to limit the availability of content and eliminate, and in cases of reasonable excuse to withdraw from this agreement without any obligation for compensation / damages.


The Principal declares, that, in the case of the use of a phonogram, the royalties of the performers concerned shall be paid directly for the uses specified in this contract;, and certified upon request.

other provisions

The Mediation Service is not committed to the effective use of the content.


The Intermediary Service Provider is entitled to transfer all or part of its rights acquired in this contract to third parties. All About Mediation Service is obliged to inform in writing the Principal.


The Principal 15 the agency is required to respond within days Provider, It acquired the rights to this contract may decline in whole or in part, to the relevant third party. In case, if it is not received by the Principal answer, the Mediation Service is entitled to exercise your rights acquired in this contract.

The Principal is obliged to hand over the complete Broker Provider for digital distribution of content elements, like the music you want to distribute material (Master CD or lossless digital format 44.1 kHz, 16 bit and Wav format) and album art, furthermore, each disc albums, and unique metadata for each song, codes. these data, Codes for the authenticity of the Principal shall assume full liability.


The Contractor is required to inform the agency in writing Supplier, if your right to dispose of the Content terminates during the term of the contract, and their other rights of a third party passes. with respect to matters not specified in this contract on copyright 1999. Act LXXVI. The provisions of the Civil Code and the Civil Code shall apply.


The Principal of the surfaces of songs distribution service withdrawal, to make the distribution service providers, if the terminated agreement with us. material damage resulting from the backflow borne by the Principal and required to pay for the damage to the Mediation Service.

If the song, plastic processing or cover version, cover, Recast the Employer shall forward the necessary permits for the Mediation Service, which we can transfer to a third party. In the absence of appropriate licenses of works we are not able to distribute digitally and non-payment of refunds.


The Employer shall at least maintain an active email address, for the purpose of data verification and official correspondence. Lost, discontinued or for other reasons in case of email exchanges the rights holder or agent is required to prove eligibility satisfaction over the works of the previous e-mail address, failing which the payment of royalties, we can not be paid until, while credit entitlement does not prove to the satisfaction.



parties noted, In cooperation that had the facts on their knowledge of each other, data and information required to be treated as confidential, even after the termination of this contract. principal declares, that the information obtained in cooperation with external, third parties may only upon the express and prior written permission of the other party in any way accessible, or if legislation requires mandatory for any Party.


The Parties also declare, that is not covered by this Statement of confidentiality of information, which would otherwise have been available in the public domain or from a third Party. Should any of the Parties breach any of its obligations with respect to confidential information, breach of the obligation resulting damages Party shall promptly reimburse the other party.



final provisions

Changes to this contract must be in writing.

The parties to disputes arising from this contract primarily seek to amicably, in the absence thereof, the Hungarian court with jurisdiction and competence shall act in their case. The Client declares that after reading and interpreting the document, he sends the form to the Intermediary Service Provider, which mandates the agency to begin Supplier of digital distribution. Upon receipt of the song on online platforms, the agreement between the Intermediary Service Provider and the Client is valid.



I declare by submission, that I loaded the 18. my year of life.

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*Half-yearly intervals:
The Mediation Service with a detailed account of the revenues that year snow in January and June havától, the subsequent 30 (Thirty) sent within days to the Principal. The Mediation Service of the royalties for the Employer after the request is received 15 (Fifteen) pay by banking transfer to the Principal within days, if the amount of royalties 30.000,- It exceeds HUF, ie thirty thousand forints. If the royalty balance is a 30.000,- Does not exceed HUF, payment will take place in the next accounting period.

Free music release